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Lithium Silk
Lithium Natural
Iodine Silk
Iodine Natural

Tozen Penny Round                                                                                                                             

 Artists juxtapose luminosity and darkness, transparency and opacity, rest and movement, on top of translucent glass, this is Tozen. Like the art of watercolor, the Tozen collection uses transparency, pigment, and light to tell a story.

Antimony Natural
Antimony Silk
Ahou Natural
Ahou Silk
Argon Natural
Argon Silk
Arsenic Natural
Arsenic Silk
Copper Natural
Copper Silk
Erbium Natural
Erbium Silk
Geihin Natural
Geihin Silk
Indium Natural
Indium Silk
Nickel Silk
Oxygen Natural
Nickel Natural
Oxygen Silk
Strontium Silk
Strontium Natural
Selenium Silk
Selenium Natural
Vanadium Silk
Vanadium Natural
Tin Silk
Tin Natural
Yttrium Silk
Yttrium Natural
Xenon Silk
Xenon Natural