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Abruzzo Pearl
Bari Pearl
Cortona Pearl
Lucca Pearl
Pisa Pearl
Rimini Pearl
Urbino Pearl
Verona Pearl
Abruzzo Silk
Bari Silk​
Cortona Silk
Lucca Silk
Pisa Silk
Rimini Silk
Urbino Silk
Verona Silk
Asolo Pearl
Bassano Pearl
Firenze Pearl
Pienza Pearl
Portofino Pearl
Umbria Pearl
Venezia Pearl
Vicenza Pearl
Asolo Silk
Bassano Silk
Firenze Silk
Pienza Silk
Portofino Silk
Umbria Silk
Venezia Silk
Vicenza Silk

Agate's beautiful banding visually combines the solidarity of stone, the fluidity of water, and the translucency of air in 32 variegated colors and 2 finishes. This is the "rock" star of modern day design.